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Wolf & Maiden products are made to become sentimental. They go on a journey with their owners, collecting memories & stories along the way. The Renaissance Collection gives them a digital voice to tell those stories.

You pick up your Father’s musty old travel bag. It’s been in the attic for years, dark & alone. The soft, supple feel & leathery smell of it reminds you of him. A shared moment in time flashes before you. A smile. You feel something. A memory. A story to tell your own children. You dust it off, clean it up & sling it over your shoulder, ready for the next adventure. Ready to make more memories, to tell more stories.

The Wolf & Maiden Renaissance Collection was conceived to breathe new life into these memories by making them digital. To enable special items in our lives to capture stories & memories in real time like never before using the power of technology. To make sentimentality tangible and memories accessible for generations to come through a beautiful digital experience attached to a beautifully made, sustainable product.